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Global Monitoring Finds Widespread Violations of Right to Information

4 October 2011, Ottawa – The largest global monitoring of the right of access to information in practice, the Ask Your Government! 6 Question Campaign has found widespread violations of the right to information with only 1 in 4 requests resulting in provision of full information.

480 requests for budget information were submitted in 80 countries by a global network of civil society organisations. No information at all was provided in response to over half of the requests and 38% of the requests elicited no response from the government body to which the request was sent (mute refusals).

The poor results come in spite of the fact that requesters made multiple resubmissions of the six questions, totalling 1061 formal requests made in the 80 countries, accompanied in many cases by phone calls, additional letters, faxes, and e-mails, and in some countries personal visits to the relevant public authorities.

As they presented the findings of the Ask Your Government! 6 Question Campaign in Ottawa during at the 7th International Conference of Information Commissioners, human rights organisations Access Info Europe and the Centre for Law and Democracy called on governments to improve respect for the right to information in practice.

Country Ranking Chart by Results

Full Report for the Ask Your Government! 6 Question Campaign

Detailed Results Chart by Country

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Open Data Initiatives Mapping

I managed to retrieve two exceptional maps (the one is currently under open construction) where all the worldwide open data initiatives are depicted:


  • CTIC Open Data Map A finished dynamic map constantly updated containing supra/sub and national open data sources
  • Open Data Census (by Tim MacNamara): An attempt to depict all the open data sources (under construction)

Open Data – Catalogs and Projects

Given the enormous incline in the promotion of the use of open data  i found useful to list a few main portals where open data can be accessed and current projects that make use of open data can be found.

List of websites that contain catalogues with sources and projects of open data: